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And Also Custom Made Parts for the Lancair Legacy

The custom parts are no longer sold by Legacy Innovations. They are now made, sold, and supported by Vern Pifer.

Testimonials from our customers

The speed mod kit arrived as scheduled.  I must say, when I pulled the parts out of the box and test fit them, I nearly had an orgasm!  Being an old retired fighter pilot (F-4, A-7, Wild Weasel), the look that the mod gives is waaay cool!  I don't care if  it doesn't add one more knot, it looks good!  And we all know how important that is.  I'm only ready for the horizontal stab fillets, but now I have something more to motivate me (like I really need IT!)
Larry Channel

Got my Speed Mod Kit today!! They all look great and I can't wait to install and fly them on my Legacy!!
Jon Hults

The fairings fit sooo nice.  I wish everything was tooled so well.
Steve Colwell
Speed mod kit (Eleven-piece set $1250)

This eleven-piece set includes:

  • - Wing root fillets
  • - Horizontal stabilizer fillets
  • - Flap hinge fairings
  • - Trim servo fairings

Not only will these reduce the drag on your Legacy for even more cruise speed, they'll give your Legacy a more enhanced aerodynamic look.

They really do make the plane!

We did all the hard work. You simply bond these parts into position.

This mod is perfect for the Legacy FG too.

The response to these parts has been incredible and you can't imagine how well this mod will complete your Legacy until you actually see them on.

Click on the image to the left and see how great they look on Carl Lewis' beautifully finished Legacy.

These can easily be installed even if your Legacy is finished and flying!

Speed mod kit (Four-piece set $975)

This four-piece set includes:

  • - Wing root fillets
  • - Horizontal stabilizer fillets
Integral Wingtip Lights ($795)

This option includes wingtip lenses and mounting bulkheads and uses the Lancair IV lighting system (purchased separately through Lancair). When installed it removes the undesirable parasite drag and dated look of the stock external lights. It comes with a template and instructions, but you will need to install the Lancair 320 tail light fairing for the rear postion/strobe light. This will fit the Legacy FG too.

Winglets ($975)

Our winglets are visually very appealing. Moreover they are aerodynamically correct, will improve high altitude cruise efficiency & yaw stability in turbulence, most likely will provide a shorter takeoff roll & a greater climb rate, but most of all it gives the Legacy even more of a modern look.

Shipping is included on all orders either UPS ground or USPS in the continental United States.

All orders are custom made. Depending on the workload, we usually ship in about 2 weeks.