Coming soon to the Apple App Store (currently in Beta Test)

MyAirplane © is your central hub for all things pertaining to owning your airplane.

You can keep track of your flights, maintenance activities, and your expenses - plus much more! It includes managing all your ownership responsibilities that are required by the FAA (and, thus, your insurance company).

In addition, MyAirplane provides complete reporting of your Flights, Maintenance, and Expenses. Want to know your gallons per hour? Check. Want to know your expenses for the last year? Last month? Check. Want to know when your next transponder check is due? Yes, it is all there, and much more!

MyAirplane will help you track date or time sensitive items such as when your annual is due, pitot-static checks, oil changes, ELT battery replacement, and so on. It becomes your "white board" for managing your responsibilities as an owner and a pilot. Only you don't need a white board - it's part of MyAirplane! This means all of this important information is contained right in your iPhone/iPad for easy reference!

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